Top Ten Indian Food Blogs with the Best Food Photos

As many chefs on many different reality shows have said several times over “We eat with our eyes first!” Great food is great food no matter what it looks like, granted. There is though, something special about food that looks amazing and promises to taste fabulous too.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten Indian food blogs with the best food photos.

Was this an easy task?
No. There are hundreds of food blogs out there, all with delicious dishes from great cooks.

Was it easy to pick the blogs?
Not at all, and this post could probably be much, much longer.

The top 10 Indian food blogs with these photos though are perfect for those of you who love food and photography both.

Are there any blogs that absolutely should have been included? Let us know!

1. Spice in the City

Spice in the city
The fabulous photos on this blog will have you drooling. Naina is the blogger and photographer behind this lovely blog. Her Roasted Christmas duck recipe, in particular, looks mouthwateringly delicious.

2. Spicy Chilly

Spicy Chilly
Bharathy’s lovely blog that mainly has cuisine from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and is absolutely deee-lish!

3. Palakkad Cooking

Palakkad Cooking
Kaveri Venkatesh’ beautiful blog might be called Palakkad Cooking but she cooks amazing recipes from all over the world. We also love how enthusiastically she participates in blogging challenges.

4. Fun, Food and Frolic

Fun Food and Frolic
We at Hudson love Hina’s blog, and the fact that her super cute pug is called ‘Momo’. Her recipes are always beautifully photographed, and her basics section is great for beginners.

5. Valar – My Blog

Like many other food bloggers, Valarmathi gave up on a promising career to follow her true passion – food! Her blog has simple recipes with gorgeous pics. We have only one complaint – she hasn’t blogged much for the last six months and we’d like to see her back.

6. Kitchen Flavours


It’s hard to say whether Lubna’s blog should be classed under food or photography. Her posts are always accompanied by immaculately styled pictures and its obvious that she enjoys cooking equally.

7. Ruchik Randhap

A Mangalorean at heart, Shireen’s lovely blog reflects the cuisine from her hometown, and is a wonderful source of Mangalorean recipes. Her fiery pork sorpotel recipe with sannas almost had Team Hudson looking for cheap flights to Mangalore and Shirin.

8. Jopreet’s Kitchen

Jopreets Kitchen
Meat eaters and spicy curry fans should thank us for introducing them to Preeti’s blog. Mouthwatering images matched by fiery recipes make this blog a foodie’s delight. Her ingredient’s glossary with names in Hindi, Tamil and English make this blog super user friendly, and her step by step recipes like this crab legs curry are to die for.

9. Color and Spices

Color and spices
If you love fish, you’ll love Chitrangada’s blog. Coming from a Bengali family, she cooks Bengali cuisine the most, but is also great at baking. We at Hudson are particularly impressed by her amazing step by step photo instructions.

10. A Homemaker’s Diary

Food, craft and photography come together in Sayantani’s blog. A mom from Kolkata, it is clear that Sayantani is as much an artist as she is a cook. Check out her artistry in recipes like this intricate Naksha Bori.

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