Desify Chinese: Shiitake Mushroom Masala

We love our schezwan, manchurian, talumein, chowmein and everything Chinese. And this post is about how we desified Chinese to create our own fusion food. Any decent supermarket will have traditional Chinese ingredients like pak choi/bok choy, Chinese cabbage, Chinese radish, Shiitake mushrooms or Chinese water chestnuts. However we still are a hesitant lot when […]

White Foods – Mushroom Recipe

A rainbow platter of vegetables and fruits is certainly a booster for good health. But we can’t underestimate the power of whites which are an integral part of the quintessential Indian meals.  After all the flamboyant rainbow  expresses when the humble white scatters! Moving from Physics to nutrition, the white platter offers  us onions, garlic, […]

Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Who doesn’t love mushrooms? And that too when they are stuffed with cheese! This stuffed mushrooms recipe is a great starter for your party this weekend… Ingredients: Button mushrooms 1 bulb of garlic – finely diced One onion, very finely diced Parmesan cheese, grated Bread crumbs Hudson Canola Oil Dried Oregano Salt Pepper Directions: Begin […]

Mushroom Soup Recipe with Canola Oil

Mushrooms are a great natural source of vitamins like riboflavin and niacin, as well as minerals such as potassium. They contain little to no carbohydrates or fats, meaning the only extra carb or fat is what you add to it. Our mushroom soup recipe is great for weight-watchers or anyone who just wants to eat […]

Superlicious Bacon and Mushroom Risotto Recipe with Canola Oil

This recipe developed from a mixture of risotto recipes that I have tried and tested in the past. It is the perfect thing to eat on a rainy evening, and a great one pot dish to cook when you have friends over but not enough time to put together multiple main courses. I love to […]


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