Blue Foods: Tandoori Brinjal Recipe

Whether you are a “from the heart” person or “from the brain” person, you will need the blues. The blue vegetables and fruits get their color from the pigments anthocyanin and proanthocyanin which are rich in heart and brain healthy antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables like-brinjal/eggplant/aubergines, blueberries, prunes,mulberry,  black olives, blue carrots, blue cabbage, blue turnip […]

Guest Post – Granny’s Sesame Tomato Chutney

Stuti, the Impatient Baker trusted us with her granny’s chutney recipe – Tomato Sesame and Potato chutney, which interestingly doubles up as a dry curry to pair with roti, sandwich spread and even a snack of its own. Here’s the recipe in her words: This recipe is a ‘passed down through generations’ type of deal. […]

The Great Indian Biryani Cocktail – A Heady Mix of Cultures

Image Courtesy: Though Farsi by name, Biryani has traveled far and wide since its regal entrance at legendary kings’ meal tables and has left many a distinct local flavors in each pot and ladle it kissed along. Cut to the innumerous Nizam, Nafees and Kareem’s biryani joints around from where you live, lived or hope […]

Makar Sankranti traditional delicacies

Makar Sankranti marks the arrival of spring and a farewell to chilly winters. The beauty of this festival is that it finds a different interpretation in each part of the country. This is true for both, customs as well as the food. We bring to you 5 different Makar Sankranti traditional delicacies to revel this occasion: […]

Delicious Tomato par Eeda Recipe

The perfect all-day breakfast meal,this delicious tomato par eeda recipe is a Parsi speciality. Basically, it consists of a spicy onion and tomato mixture served with a baked egg on top, and is usually accompanied by a serving of matchstick potato fries (sali). To keep my breakfast (which I ate for lunch) super healthy, I […]

Healthy Tofu and Palak Parantha Recipe

Kids always love it when they get paranthas in their tiffins. Adding spinach to the paranthas is adds more iron and using tofu instead of paneer is an easy way of cutting the amount of fat and increasing the amount of protein in each parantha. Try out our healthy tofu and palak parantha recipe. Ingredients: […]

Chhole in Pita Pockets Recipe

This Chhole in pita pockets recipe is quick to make and delicious to eat. This recipe was a favourite of mine during my student days because it was so easy to make, and for a student, also economical when serving in large quantities. And of course, everyone loves something familiar like chole with a twist, […]

Men Who Cook: Cooking with Karthik Krishnamurthy

To get to know more inspiring #MenWhoCook, we went over for a small cooking session with Karthik Krishnamurthy, an investment banker turned food entrepreneur, serious cricketer, and avid gardener. Karthik gave us a little insight into his love for cooking and why cooking is his passion! When did you first start cooking? I started cooking […]

Men who Cook: Curry and Conversation with Nitesh Tiwari

June has been the month to pull men who love to cook into the kitchen and ask them about their interest in food. This instalment of our series on Men Who Cook features Nitesh Tiwari, an avid foodie, of course, who works as a regional manager with Mahindra Insurance. A movie buff and travel enthusiast […]

Palak Puri Recipe

For a puri packed with spinach, and with an unusual, lovely colour, make our palak puri recipe and surprise the family. Ingredients: 1 cup spinach, washed and stems cut 1 ½ cups whole wheat flour (atta) 3-4 green chillies 1 teaspoon ajwain (caraway seeds) Water to mix dough Salt to taste 1 tablespoon Hudson Canola […]


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