‘Ouch’ potato? – 7 healthy ways to embrace potato

The humble potato is easily the most underrated edible substance in the nutritional world. Think of losing those extra pounds and the messiahs of dieting would pounce on you to renounce the poor underground vegetable. Undoubtedly, as the old saying  goes – “anything in excess isn’t good”, excess of this starchy veggie is not good […]

Crispy Chilli Potatoes Recipe – Little bites of Yumm!

Still looking for the perfect starter for your party tonight? Try our Crispy chilli potatoes recipe! Ingredients: 4-5 large potatoes, sliced into chips Red chilli powder Tomato sauce Hudson Canola Oil Chilli vinegar Red chilli sauce Chopped ginger 2 tablespoons honey Salt to taste 2 tablespoons cornflour Directions: First slice the potatoes into thin chips. […]


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