Beat the heat: Colorful thirst quenchers

Preparing for a long spell of dehydrating Indian summers? Presenting some visually appealing thirst quenchers with the goodness of natural fruits and vegetables. Luscious  slushies One of the most exciting ways to hydration is the crunchy crushed juicy ice drink- slush! Feel it on your parched tongue already? Try these: Rainbow slush : image courtesy: […]

Drink and derive: The joy of guilt-free beverage

The morning cuppa tea/coffee and cricket are religion in India. For most Indians, the morning cuppa is literal ‘eye opener’ in the morning. Besides, it’s daily routine for office goers to make their mandatory visits to the chai-thela (pushcart tea) that dot outside their swanky buildings. And stirring up a strong cuppa coffee for late […]

Top 6 Summer Coolers to beat the heat with!

The sun burns down fiercer everyday and it is important to stay well hydrated. Keeping a jug full of our delicious top 6 summer coolers is a great way of making sure the whole family (and don’t forget yourself) drinks enough water everyday. Remember that colas, tea and coffee are not as effective at re-hydrating […]


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