Desify Chinese: Shiitake Mushroom Masala

We love our schezwan, manchurian, talumein, chowmein and everything Chinese. And this post is about how we desified Chinese to create our own fusion food. Any decent supermarket will have traditional Chinese ingredients like pak choi/bok choy, Chinese cabbage, Chinese radish, Shiitake mushrooms or Chinese water chestnuts. However we still are a hesitant lot when […]

Desify Thai: Lemongrass Kadhi

Don’t be surprised if you find the Thai Ginger or Galangal right beside your humble local ginger or the imported sweet tamarind lying among the indigenous fruits. You can stir up the Red or green Thai curry in your kitchen in a jiffy now days. It isn’t a task to find the ingredients from the […]

Vivacious Orange: Carrot fritters

Color orange is a treat- visually and health-wise. Natural foods, expressing the thirst-quenching color, like tangerines, pumpkin, carrot, mango, papaya, sweet potato etc, are rich in nutrients like Vitamin C (oranges), Vitamin A (mango, pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, papaya) and help in: improving digestion absorption of Iron reducing chances of cancer maintaining skin health promoting weight loss […]

Blue Foods: Tandoori Brinjal Recipe

Whether you are a “from the heart” person or “from the brain” person, you will need the blues. The blue vegetables and fruits get their color from the pigments anthocyanin and proanthocyanin which are rich in heart and brain healthy antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables like-brinjal/eggplant/aubergines, blueberries, prunes,mulberry,  black olives, blue carrots, blue cabbage, blue turnip […]

Green ‘Gobble-ins’: 5 ways to eat more greens

Green veggies are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and what not! Accepted. But how do you explain this to kids who are not ready to buy your Popeye stories all the time? And why just kids, even adults cannot be wooed by the rich-in-nutrients lure every time.  After all, the greens do need painstaking efforts to make […]

Make It Happen: The Art of Making your Own Bread

We have been bred to like breads. No matter how carb-conscious one may be, our meals don’t look wholesome without them. Interestingly, our recent compulsive fixation is with the brown bread that grips us tight by our collars and forces us to look in dismay when someone around chooses a white loaf over brown at the supermarket. But […]

Low GI recipe: Bruschetta

Leave that cushy bed and answer your craving. Here’s a super quick, easy and healthy bruschetta recipe. Ingredients 1 loaf of Italian bread (diagonally cut into ½ inch thick slices) ½ tin canned baked beans ½ cup boiled chickpeas 1 firm tomato 2 pieces of green onion ¼ cup freshly chopped basil 7-8 pieces olives […]

Tips for a low GI diet

You have been hearing about the pluses of a low GI diet and have been wondering how that helps? Low score on glycaemic index means better blood sugar control and faster body metabolism. Sounds impressive! But how should you prepare a low GI meal? Certainly, comparing ingredients and nutritional composition of each item at the […]

No Sugar Muffin Recipe

On a no sugar diet? Doesn’t have to mean you deny yourself all kinds of indulgence! Here’s a recipe that does sweet little things not just for your body, but for your palate as well! Enjoy. Ingredients (makes 18): 2 medium bananas, mashed ½ cup (125ml) water 1 egg 2 cups or 250g wholemeal flour 1 […]

10 natural sugar substitutes

No sugar doesn’t have to mean no sweet in your life! Here are 10 all natural sugar substitutes that go as well on your palette as on your body! 1. Maple Syrup Loaded with over 50 antioxidants, Maple syrup is made directly from plant sap. 2. Honey Good with your morning tea or as an innovative […]


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