Blue Foods: Tandoori Brinjal Recipe

Whether you are a “from the heart” person or “from the brain” person, you will need the blues. The blue vegetables and fruits get their color from the pigments anthocyanin and proanthocyanin which are rich in heart and brain healthy antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables like-brinjal/eggplant/aubergines, blueberries, prunes,mulberry,  black olives, blue carrots, blue cabbage, blue turnip […]

Nordic diet – A Rainbow of Health

Diets have been popular fads amongst health conscious people. But most of these are short lived as they offer either bland unattractive food or a narrow variety of food items.  Here’s a diet which offers a garden of things to eat-the Nordic diet (or the new Nordic diet to differentiate it from the traditional one). As […]

Grab greens: Kiwi Tart Recipe

‘Green’ is easily the most sought after color in the world of health. And why not! Green fruits and vegetables are a powerhouse of nutrients-most vitamins, iron, calcium, antioxidants and almost all those nutrients that the body needs. Also, the green color imparting pigment- chlorophyll is a magic potion in itself. Let’s see why the greens top […]

Make It Happen: The Art of Making your Own Bread

We have been bred to like breads. No matter how carb-conscious one may be, our meals don’t look wholesome without them. Interestingly, our recent compulsive fixation is with the brown bread that grips us tight by our collars and forces us to look in dismay when someone around chooses a white loaf over brown at the supermarket. But […]

How to make Pizza from scratch

Homemade pizza is incredibly easy to make, and much less expensive than ordering out. The dough can be prepared as easily as ordinary chapati dough or parathas. It does need to be made in advance though so that it has enough time to rise. If you plan your day right, making pizza at home can be […]

Melt in the Mouth Chocolate Eclairs recipe

When I was in school, the biggest treat would be if my mother picked up chocolate eclairs to eat. We would often buy them in the evening, but we knew that they could only be eaten after dinner. It would take very long to get to dessert on those days. For a long time, I […]

Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe Using Canola Oil

We at Hudson love chocolate, and we love chocolate in all its amazing forms from chocolate bombs, to chocolate coated strawberries, which then evolved into a chocolate strawberry cake. And now we present the simplest eggless chocolate cake recipe. In fact you don’t even need two separate dishes to mix. This is a mix-n-bake recipe, […]

6 Baking Tools to Bake like a Pro!

So you’ve gone beyond baking the odd cake, and you’re hooked onto Masterchef, it’s time to invest in good basics to take on those recipes! Baking is one of those things where having the right equipment makes all the difference. Here are 6 little baking tools that will help you bake with the professional touch: […]

Lemon Loaf Cake Recipe with Canola Oil

Try out some of our Christmas recipes for that festive feeling. This Lemon Loaf Cake recipe is an absolute classic, and if you get it right, there’s nothing quite like it. Ingredients: For the cake 180 ml Hudson Canola Oil 225 grams caster sugar 225 grams flour 4 eggs Grated zest of one lemon (2 […]

Ginger Cookies Recipe with Canola Oil

Ginger cookies are a great Christmas treat to make at home. These spicy, sweet chunks of happiness can be made by following the ginger cookies recipe below: Ingredients: 80 ml Hudson Canola Oil 100 grams brown sugar 1 egg 30 ml honey 150 grams flour (maida) A pinch of salt 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 […]


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