How to plan a healthy party menu?

Even as you are read this, your mind might be caught in the whirlwind of grocery list and guest list. It’s safe to say festive season has arrived. You may be feeling the pressure of making it a delightful treat for your guest as the party host. But a party shouldn’t be used as an […]

Low GI recipe: Apple and cranberry chutney

You can dip your evening snacks in this chutney to make each bite heavenly and healthy. No, it’s more versatile than that. The goodness of apple and cranberry can make a great last minute accompaniment to a toasted bread or lunch meal. Ingredients 2 fined chopped apples 250 gm cranberry ½ inch ginger finely chopped […]

10 natural sugar substitutes

No sugar doesn’t have to mean no sweet in your life! Here are 10 all natural sugar substitutes that go as well on your palette as on your body! 1. Maple Syrup Loaded with over 50 antioxidants, Maple syrup is made directly from plant sap. 2. Honey Good with your morning tea or as an innovative […]

10 Food Hacks For Your Kitchen

Sweating over your time in the kitchen? Here are 10 hacks to make your life a little easier! 1. Store tomatoes stem side down to prevent them from rotting quickly This prevents the air from passing through the stem and into the tomato. Also, tomatoes last longer at room temperature than in the fridge! 2. Scoop […]

10 Super Foods For Your Heart

You don’t have to be caught in the tug of war between your heart’s heath and appetizing food. Don’t restrain your heart to control it, just listen to it closely. Here’s a list of 10 superfoods we’ve put together to give both your belly and heart the best they deserve: 1. Fish   Most of […]

Spice it Up! The Health Benefits of Spices Revealed

The Indian kitchen has used spices for centuries, and the benefits of spices have been recorded in traditional Ayurvedic medicine since antiquity. Spices have a very low calorie level and new scientific studies show that they are a rich source of antioxidants and can fight inflammation and even cardiovascular disease. Add a little spice to […]

Mooli Parathas recipe with Canola Oil

Lovely fresh radishes are in season, and radish (mooli) parathas are a great weeknight dinner or lunchbox idea. This mooli parathas recipe is quick to make and deliciously fresh! Ingredients: 1 cup grated radish (mooli) 2 cups whole wheat flour (atta) 1 teaspoon red chilli powder 1 teaspoon turmeric (haldi) A pinch of salt Chopped […]

14 Cuisines to try out in 2014

For those of us who grew up in the 90s, our eating out options were pretty much restricted to Chinese food or more generic “Continental” restaurants, apart from a few Indian cuisines (which also depended on the region of the country you were in). As we grow more and more global, a variety of specialty […]

Moong Dal Halwa recipe using Canola Oil

Moong Dal Halwa is an all-time favourite. Our Moong Dal Halwa recipe uses canola oil instead of ghee, making it better for your heart and reducing the over all content of unhealthy saturated fats present in ghee. And the best part is, you can hardly taste the difference! Ingredients: Moong Dal – 1 Cup Milk […]

Five Things you should know about your Cooking Oil!

Studies carried out by the Indian Council for Medical Research and the Register General of India (RGI) show that there is a silent killer stalking up to 70% of the urban Indian population. Roughly 25% of all deaths in the 25-69 age group are caused by heart disease, a condition that can be easily addressed […]


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