Make It Happen: Romantic Dinner for Two

Fancy restaurants and overpriced food is your idea of spending quality time with your partner? What if we give you reasons and ways to stay in, enjoy each other’s company and make it a memorable day?  Three reasons you should consider a stay-at-home dinner: Absolute Privacy It is just the two of you without the din […]

6 #NoSugar Ways to Ring in the Season of Love

February is upon us and we are thinking of doing things a little differently this year. While tradition dictates we sweeten the deal and overdose on chocolates on Valentine’s Day, we are steering away from all of that sugar and giving it our own savory twist. This is our attempt to put together a list […]

Delicious Tomato par Eeda Recipe

The perfect all-day breakfast meal,this delicious tomato par eeda recipe is a Parsi speciality. Basically, it consists of a spicy onion and tomato mixture served with a baked egg on top, and is usually accompanied by a serving of matchstick potato fries (sali). To keep my breakfast (which I ate for lunch) super healthy, I […]

Healthy Tofu and Palak Parantha Recipe

Kids always love it when they get paranthas in their tiffins. Adding spinach to the paranthas is adds more iron and using tofu instead of paneer is an easy way of cutting the amount of fat and increasing the amount of protein in each parantha. Try out our healthy tofu and palak parantha recipe. Ingredients: […]

Chhole in Pita Pockets Recipe

This Chhole in pita pockets recipe is quick to make and delicious to eat. This recipe was a favourite of mine during my student days because it was so easy to make, and for a student, also economical when serving in large quantities. And of course, everyone loves something familiar like chole with a twist, […]

Quick Tacos Recipe

Tacos are a Mexican favourite. Mexican food and Indian food have many things in common like the use of spices, beans and chillis. While Indian cooking uses a lot of wheat flour, Mexican food uses a lot of corn flour instead. This tacos recipe uses simple ingredients like rajma to make a fun meal for […]

Palak Puri Recipe

For a puri packed with spinach, and with an unusual, lovely colour, make our palak puri recipe and surprise the family. Ingredients: 1 cup spinach, washed and stems cut 1 ½ cups whole wheat flour (atta) 3-4 green chillies 1 teaspoon ajwain (caraway seeds) Water to mix dough Salt to taste 1 tablespoon Hudson Canola […]

How to make Pizza from scratch

Homemade pizza is incredibly easy to make, and much less expensive than ordering out. The dough can be prepared as easily as ordinary chapati dough or parathas. It does need to be made in advance though so that it has enough time to rise. If you plan your day right, making pizza at home can be […]

Step by Step Vegetarian Thai Red Curry Recipe

Thai Red Curry is a great dish to cook for a change, particularly for a weeknight dinner when you don’t have the time or energy to cook a big variety of dishes. This easy vegetarian Thai red curry recipe is also packed with veggies that the whole family will gobble up without protest.   Ingredients: […]

Homemade Veg Burger Recipe

If you have an assortment of leftover veggies lying in the fridge and feel like eating something different, try out our easy homemade veg burger recipe. It’s as easy as making an aloo tikki, and is a lot healthier than eating burgers at a fastfood place. My basic problem with eating at a fast food […]


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