Nordic diet – A Rainbow of Health

Diets have been popular fads amongst health conscious people. But most of these are short lived as they offer either bland unattractive food or a narrow variety of food items.  Here’s a diet which offers a garden of things to eat-the Nordic diet (or the new Nordic diet to differentiate it from the traditional one). As […]

‘Holi’ ways: Traditional Holi Snacks with a Healthy Twist

The hint of spring in the air, the roll of drums, the kaleidoscopic atmosphere, and we know it’s Holi-the festival that symbolizes joy and jubilation. Any festival in India puts food at the helm of all affairs. Upholding this spirit, we bring to you some nutritious, colorful traditional snacks with a twist, so you indulge […]

Cooking Oils 101 – Choosing, Storing and Frying Made Easy

Indian food often loves to take a swim in the oil and other types of fat. Besides, who doesn’t like the sizzle of a little something on a cold or rainy evening? While a talk on fats would make a fat book, we decided to put together a quick guide on how to choose oils […]

‘Ouch’ potato? – 7 healthy ways to embrace potato

The humble potato is easily the most underrated edible substance in the nutritional world. Think of losing those extra pounds and the messiahs of dieting would pounce on you to renounce the poor underground vegetable. Undoubtedly, as the old saying  goes – “anything in excess isn’t good”, excess of this starchy veggie is not good […]

Using Canola Oil for your everyday cooking can help to reduce diabetes risk

IT’S NOT JUST SUGAR THAT AFFECTS YOUR SUGAR! It’s important for diabetics to add “good fat” to their diets and it’s easy to do that with canola oil! Diabetes is a very common health disorder that doesn’t consider any age. According to WHO, India is the No.2 diabetic capital of the world, with 51 million […]

Five Things you should know about your Cooking Oil!

Studies carried out by the Indian Council for Medical Research and the Register General of India (RGI) show that there is a silent killer stalking up to 70% of the urban Indian population. Roughly 25% of all deaths in the 25-69 age group are caused by heart disease, a condition that can be easily addressed […]

Baking with Canola Oil instead of Butter

Who can resist a delicious, gooey chocolate brownie or a red velvet cupcake topped off with a wicked cream cheese frosting? This despite being aware of the need many of us have, more literally than metaphorically, to tighten our belts! Like with most things, desserts too are best in moderation. For those of us with […]

Potatoes in a Tomato-Onion gravy recipe with Canola Oil

For weeknight dinners when you feel like making something a little different using things that are already in your kitchen, our potatoes in a tomato-onion gravy recipe using canola oil will come to the rescue. It is simple to make, and goes perfectly with our methi pulao recipe for a complete meal! Ingredients: Baby potatoes […]

Pal Payasam recipe using Canola Oil

It’s festival season and we can’t get enough of the delicious traditional Indian sweets. Our easy to make Pal Payasam recipe using canola oil is always a crowd pleaser and is stress-free, giving you ample time to decorate your place and dress up in your festival finery! Basmati Rice – 1 Cup Milk – 1 […]

Homemade Strawberry Jam Recipe

Nothing tastes better than homemade strawberry jam with hot buttered toast. The best part is, it is incredibly easy to make at home. Follow our strawberry jam recipe to make your own delicious jam. For this delicious jam bursting with flavour, you need: Ripe strawberries 1.25 kg, hulled Sugar 1kg Lemon 1, juiced Unsalted butter 1tsp, if required Layer […]


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