Cooking Oils 101 – Choosing, Storing and Frying Made Easy

Indian food often loves to take a swim in the oil and other types of fat. Besides, who doesn’t like the sizzle of a little something on a cold or rainy evening? While a talk on fats would make a fat book, we decided to put together a quick guide on how to choose oils […]

Drink and derive: The joy of guilt-free beverage

The morning cuppa tea/coffee and cricket are religion in India. For most Indians, the morning cuppa is literal ‘eye opener’ in the morning. Besides, it’s daily routine for office goers to make their mandatory visits to the chai-thela (pushcart tea) that dot outside their swanky buildings. And stirring up a strong cuppa coffee for late […]

‘Ouch’ potato? – 7 healthy ways to embrace potato

The humble potato is easily the most underrated edible substance in the nutritional world. Think of losing those extra pounds and the messiahs of dieting would pounce on you to renounce the poor underground vegetable. Undoubtedly, as the old saying  goes – “anything in excess isn’t good”, excess of this starchy veggie is not good […]

Code Red: Expressing love with food

Red is synonymous with life, and our cherubic cupid loves it too. A dash of red and voila! Food looks irresistible. Pressed for time but want the food to look special for a special day? Here’s how red can help you avoid a vanilla celebration. Blood rush                       […]

Make It Happen: Romantic Dinner for Two

Fancy restaurants and overpriced food is your idea of spending quality time with your partner? What if we give you reasons and ways to stay in, enjoy each other’s company and make it a memorable day?  Three reasons you should consider a stay-at-home dinner: Absolute Privacy It is just the two of you without the din […]

Healthy office snacking ideas

When you stomach makes that grumbling sounds late morning or early evening, it can put you on a fix. After all it’s challenging to find anything healthy for a small bite. Sure, you may be tempted to walk down to the office canteen/vending machine. But this would mean extra calories, salt, sugar and guilt. You […]

Top 6 Summer Coolers to beat the heat with!

The sun burns down fiercer everyday and it is important to stay well hydrated. Keeping a jug full of our delicious top 6 summer coolers is a great way of making sure the whole family (and don’t forget yourself) drinks enough water everyday. Remember that colas, tea and coffee are not as effective at re-hydrating […]

6 Baking Tools to Bake like a Pro!

So you’ve gone beyond baking the odd cake, and you’re hooked onto Masterchef, it’s time to invest in good basics to take on those recipes! Baking is one of those things where having the right equipment makes all the difference. Here are 6 little baking tools that will help you bake with the professional touch: […]

Baking with Canola Oil instead of Butter

Who can resist a delicious, gooey chocolate brownie or a red velvet cupcake topped off with a wicked cream cheese frosting? This despite being aware of the need many of us have, more literally than metaphorically, to tighten our belts! Like with most things, desserts too are best in moderation. For those of us with […]

Quick Breakfast idea

Saute green chillis, onions and tomatoes along with a few vegetables in a pressure cooker. Add dalia, salt, and water. Cook for 2 whistles. Your quick healthy nutritious breakfast is ready! Image Courtesy:


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