White Foods – Mushroom Recipe

A rainbow platter of vegetables and fruits is certainly a booster for good health. But we can’t underestimate the power of whites which are an integral part of the quintessential Indian meals.  After all the flamboyant rainbow  expresses when the humble white scatters! Moving from Physics to nutrition, the white platter offers  us onions, garlic, […]

Code Red: Expressing love with food

Red is synonymous with life, and our cherubic cupid loves it too. A dash of red and voila! Food looks irresistible. Pressed for time but want the food to look special for a special day? Here’s how red can help you avoid a vanilla celebration. Blood rush                       […]

Make It Happen: Romantic Dinner for Two

Fancy restaurants and overpriced food is your idea of spending quality time with your partner? What if we give you reasons and ways to stay in, enjoy each other’s company and make it a memorable day?  Three reasons you should consider a stay-at-home dinner: Absolute Privacy It is just the two of you without the din […]

The Great Indian Biryani Cocktail – A Heady Mix of Cultures

Image Courtesy: mayagroupjaipur.wordpress.com Though Farsi by name, Biryani has traveled far and wide since its regal entrance at legendary kings’ meal tables and has left many a distinct local flavors in each pot and ladle it kissed along. Cut to the innumerous Nizam, Nafees and Kareem’s biryani joints around from where you live, lived or hope […]

What team should you support for the FIFA World Cup 2014?

So football fever has officially gripped the world. If you’re wondering which team to support, here’s a handy guide to choosing what team should you support for the football World Cup!

Men Who Cook: Cooking with Karthik Krishnamurthy

To get to know more inspiring #MenWhoCook, we went over for a small cooking session with Karthik Krishnamurthy, an investment banker turned food entrepreneur, serious cricketer, and avid gardener. Karthik gave us a little insight into his love for cooking and why cooking is his passion! When did you first start cooking? I started cooking […]

Men who Cook: Curry and Conversation with Nitesh Tiwari

June has been the month to pull men who love to cook into the kitchen and ask them about their interest in food. This instalment of our series on Men Who Cook features Nitesh Tiwari, an avid foodie, of course, who works as a regional manager with Mahindra Insurance. A movie buff and travel enthusiast […]

Men Who Cook: In the Kitchen with Shuchir Suri

Marketer turned food entrepreneur, Shuchir Suri is the inspiration behind the rapidly growing food community Food Talk India. Not just a foodie who eats, Shuchir is also an enthusiastic cook. We thought Shuchir was the perfect guy to feature in our series on #MenWhoCook. While talking to us about his passion for the culinary arts […]

Men Who Cook: A Little Stew and a Small Chat with Deepak Goel

June is all about #MenWhoCook! We kicked off the month with the launch of India’s first interactive cooking video where we featured Yash, a hopeless romantic, who is sadly, also hopelessly bad at cooking. If you still haven’t taken a look at the video, well, there’s no time like the present! We’re continuing our conversation […]

Top 6 Summer Coolers to beat the heat with!

The sun burns down fiercer everyday and it is important to stay well hydrated. Keeping a jug full of our delicious top 6 summer coolers is a great way of making sure the whole family (and don’t forget yourself) drinks enough water everyday. Remember that colas, tea and coffee are not as effective at re-hydrating […]


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