How to plan a healthy party menu?

Even as you are read this, your mind might be caught in the whirlwind of grocery list and guest list. It’s safe to say festive season has arrived. You may be feeling the pressure of making it a delightful treat for your guest as the party host. But a party shouldn’t be used as an […]

Sweet Memories

There are about 7.125 billion people in this world, including a few more when you get to the end of this paragraph. Some of these people mean the world to you. Some disappear from your mind the minute they walk out of sight. Some are strange faces appearing for a second from the dark, others […]

Low GI recipe: Bruschetta

Leave that cushy bed and answer your craving. Here’s a super quick, easy and healthy bruschetta recipe. Ingredients 1 loaf of Italian bread (diagonally cut into ½ inch thick slices) ½ tin canned baked beans ½ cup boiled chickpeas 1 firm tomato 2 pieces of green onion ¼ cup freshly chopped basil 7-8 pieces olives […]

Low GI recipe: Apple and cranberry chutney

You can dip your evening snacks in this chutney to make each bite heavenly and healthy. No, it’s more versatile than that. The goodness of apple and cranberry can make a great last minute accompaniment to a toasted bread or lunch meal. Ingredients 2 fined chopped apples 250 gm cranberry ½ inch ginger finely chopped […]

Low GI recipe: Vegetable Cutlets

Sticking to a low GI diet? Trust us, it doesn’t have be boring! Answer your nutritional and snacking needs with this yummy vegetable cutlet. With combination of spices and vegetables it’s a tempting choice even for fussy eaters. Ingredients 4-5 florets of broccoli 7-8 florets of cauliflower ½ cup of finely chopped carrot beans ½ […]

Tips for a low GI diet

You have been hearing about the pluses of a low GI diet and have been wondering how that helps? Low score on glycaemic index means better blood sugar control and faster body metabolism. Sounds impressive! But how should you prepare a low GI meal? Certainly, comparing ingredients and nutritional composition of each item at the […]

No Sugar Muffin Recipe

On a no sugar diet? Doesn’t have to mean you deny yourself all kinds of indulgence! Here’s a recipe that does sweet little things not just for your body, but for your palate as well! Enjoy. Ingredients (makes 18): 2 medium bananas, mashed ½ cup (125ml) water 1 egg 2 cups or 250g wholemeal flour 1 […]

10 natural sugar substitutes

No sugar doesn’t have to mean no sweet in your life! Here are 10 all natural sugar substitutes that go as well on your palette as on your body! 1. Maple Syrup Loaded with over 50 antioxidants, Maple syrup is made directly from plant sap. 2. Honey Good with your morning tea or as an innovative […]


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