Kitchen tips and tricks for healthy cooking & living

Everyone loves tips that can make their lives easier. This is especially true while you’re in the kitchen and handling multiple tasks at a time. We make your life easier by presenting edition 1 of Kitchen Tips and Tricks. Freeze fresh herbs in ice cubes—they will last for months, and then just thaw when ready […]

Grilled Cake and Strawberries Recipe

  Summers are here in full action and everyone’s looking for ways to make their lives a tiny better from the horrid heat. Think of summers and they remind us of lazy summer vacations while in school, where picking shehtoot (mulberries) from trees was our favourite morning pastime. Where late-evening terrace BBQ and Tambola sessions […]

Monsoon munchies – Corn and Cheese Balls Recipe

Lazy evenings are a time to sit by a window with a cup of chai, your favorite book and these delicious yet easy-to-make Corn & Cheese Balls. Try out our corn and cheese balls recipe! Ingredients Corn-1 cup Paneer,100 grams Cheddar cheese- 3/4 cup Corn flour- 2 tablespoons Maida -1/4 cup Salt to taste Sugar-1/2 […]

Hudson Canola Oil – a healthy cooking oil

Are you still using the same boring and unhealthy oils in your kitchen? Are you under the impression that your heart is safe based on some slick advertising? Fear not, for we are here to introduce you to the wonder that is Canola Oil. What is Canola Oil? Canola oil is extracted from the seeds […]


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